Want to become unshakable at your core and be a good mom while smashing it in a job you love?

(even though parenting and careering feels impossible at times)

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Come to the Free 3-Day Training to naturally become the best version of yourself without ever stressing out over parenting or career success again.


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What to expect from the experience:

You know you are not meant to be the sergeant drill mom. You just want to be a good mom and pursue your professional dreams. And that is not too much to ask. But no one has given us a manual on how to do that without losing our mind at times.  Look no further,  I will give you my most impactful resilience tool to navigate any work challenge, kids tantrums or backtalk with peace and freedom. From there on, you know you did it right.

We try so hard yet often feel we are failing. I will show you how your personality makes things hard in parenting, business and marriage. Learning to tap into your intuition will relieve you from overwhelm, impatience and guilt (oh the guilt!!) and shift you into the happy, joyful mom you crave to be. 

I am going to share the exact MOM LEADERSHIP method my clients use, that will enable you to be successful both personally and professionally. We will show you how to move from a place of self-doubt to a place of unshakable core confidence. You will not just be a better mom but also be seen as a top expert in your professional field. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to just not get triggered anymore by your kids, your spouse or your nagging colleague? You will learn how being in charge of your emotions will put you in the driver seat of your life. It starts by identifying and eliminating your current emotional patterns that don't serve you. Regardless of what you’ve tried before, whether it was breathing, meditation, yoga, mindfulness or therapy, this experience is unique and will give you the missing piece to eliminate the yuk for good.

Results come from action! Follow my steps for three days and you will know how to read your emotional signals, eliminate the overwhelm and get clear on what you want, so we can shift you to the powerful woman who tackles EVERYTHING with ease. 

PLUS lots more!....
That was just the sneak preview! This course WILL impact your life, your relationships, your professional success and your well-being. You will see the world with completely new and fresh eyes after this. We. are leading differently over here in the mom leadership world. 

Learn to embrace all of yourself and invite peace, wealth and happiness into your life.

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